Dance Fever!

Dance Fever! Dec 12, ’06 11:42 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
 So it is with some shock that I report that CJ has some serious moves.  I had assumed that he would be genetically screwed in the rhythm department, but he broke out with some serious dancing skills last night.
All in all it was a fun experience, his school has quite a few talented kids.  First the chorus performed a few Christmas songs, and there was one kid that sang a solo that gave me goosebumps.  During their performance I noticed there was a girl in the front row of singers that kept staring at me and smiling. (we were sitting in the front row)  At first I thought, well maybe she just needs to focus on someone when she is singing, because she is nervous.  Five minutes later I thought, do I know her from somewhere?  A few minutes after that I thought, maybe she has a sibling that goes to school with CL?  Then I thought, maybe she thinks I cute or something strange like that?  Finally, by the end of the performance I was thinking, what the hell??? STOP STARING AT ME KID!!!!!!  Much later, when CJ was done dancing and joined us in our seats, I asked himwho the heck is that girl?  did he know her? He said, oh, that is Ashleigh.  Aha.  Ashleigh.  That would the “AS” from the CFL letter people!  Ashleigh, as in, CJ’s ex-girlfriend.  The one he broke up with to “focus on karate” but what he really meant was, focus on the new girl he has a crush on.  Yeah, that’s right people, I guess Ashleigh isn’t quite over him yet, a fact he seriously denies.  But, come on, the stares don’t lie, and if she is looking at me that adoringly, then she still has some leftover feelings for CJ.  (Don’t panic people.  I am closely montioring the situation, and CJ is very open with us about all of this, so there is no hanky-panky happening, just innocent interactions so don’t go all nuts on me and send me e mails about how he shouldn’t have any lady friends)
But, ANYWAY, my favorite part of the night (apart from seeing CJ dance) was the performance by the “Classy Sassy Steppers”.  The group consisted of about twenty young ladies who have more sass in their pinkies than I have in my entire body.  They did a step routine, stepping is where they rhthymically clap, stomp, slap their legs and occasionally chant during their routine.  I wanted to jump out of my chair and start screaming and yelling.  It is so cool people!  And I think it is a real rarity to see a group of young ladies that are that confident, outgoing, proud of their ability, and well……. sassy!
There were several pudgy huggable grandmas in the audience who did scream and yell things like, “YEAAAHH!  GET IT!  GO ON GIRL!  WOO-HOOOOO!”  All of which I was also screaming, just inside my head instead of out loud.  I turned to BB and said, I WANT TO STEP!!!  and he said,yeah, and then you wouldn’t be able to walk for a week.  Unfortunately, he is right.  But I find myself wanting to call the school today and ask if the classy sassy steppers have a fan club.
Anywho, on with the CJ dance photos!
And, my personal favorite…..



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