Say my name. 

He says your name. Not because he is trying to get your attention or criticize you, but because he loves the way your name sounds coming out of his mouth. Because when he looks at you and says your name he can say 1,000 things with only one word.
He says “be careful” when you leave, not because he thinks you’re reckless or can’t take care of yourself, but because he can’t bear the thought of something happening to you and he isn’t there to protect you.
He always asks what you are doing, not because he is controlling or he thinks you do nothing all day, but because he wishes that he could be doing every single thing with you.
He loves spending time with your friends and family, not because you forced him to or because it is what society expects, but because he loves them because you love them and he takes the time to see the ways they are special. Because he knows that spending time with them matters to you.
He takes you home to spend time his family, not because it is something you do on holidays or once a year, but because he wants them to see what he sees and to love you as much as he does.
He takes you to concerts, not because it’s the band he wants to see and he needs someone to go with, but because he loves to share the music with you, he loves to sing to you, to sway with you, to share his passion.
He takes you on dates, not because it’s a restaurant he heard about or so that he can check in to another place on social media, but because he loves to sit across from you, talk to you, share things with you, to show you off.

He does homework with your daughter, not because he loves biology or has endless patience, but because he knows you’ve been carrying the load alone for a long time and he wants to ease it for you.

He does yard work and fixes things around the house, not because it is a man’s job or because he loves chores, but because he loves being your partner, he loves taking care of you in any way that he can.

He makes food for you, not because you asked him to or because it is the food he likes, but because he loves feeding you, he loves making sure you are taking care of yourself.

He likes to go to the gym with you, not because he thinks you’re fat or even that there is room for improvement, but because he wants you to live a long time, because he needs you to be around.

He rubs your back, not because you asked him to or because he wants a back rub in return, but because he knows you are tired, he knows when you are hurting even when you don’t say a word.

He loves your children, not because they are his or because he is obligated to do so, but because he took the time to get to know them and he fell in love with them too.

He takes your dog for car rides, not because he likes little dogs or because always wanted a stinky little mouth breather licking his windows, but because he loves everything that is yours.

He loves everything about you.  Not because you are perfect or easy to love or even worthy sometimes, but because he feels like it is what he was born to do.

He is the man that you want to see loving your mother, your sister, your daughter or your friends.

He is your person.

If you haven’t found him yet, he is out there somewhere, don’t ever give up.

When he says your name, you will know.
(I love you Dustin!!)


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