The Basement Remodel

In my tiny house the builder managed to squeeze three living rooms, one for each of us!  Cody’s bedroom is in the lower level and so (of course) is his living room.

The crappy part of moving into a previously lived in house is that other people have pets too and their pets were assholes had accidents and so inevitably your pets will be assholes have accidents too.  So, needless to say I’ve been waiting awhile to remodel the basement.

The first thing I had to do was rip out all of the existing carpet, the tack strips and the baseboard trim and then remove the glue from the floor.

I did this myself to save money!  Also, because Mother Fucking Girl Power.

I decided to run the tile into the bathroom and so it seemed like a good time to update the bathroom too.  My contractor came and removed the toilet and vanity and then Carsten and I removed the linoleum.

I’m pretty sure this will be Carsten’s worst memory of this summer.


After I drank a box of wine clean up was finished, I started on the bathroom walls.  We had some player piano paper on rolls at The Vintage Gypsy and I have always wanted to use it for something.  I decided that instead of painting, I would decoupage the paper to the walls. I diluted some wood glue with water and coated both sides of the paper.

Then it went on the wall and I brushed on more glue to smooth it out.

I gave it about 6 hours to dry and then I sealed it with a tinted varnish.

The next day they started laying tile!  This part was so exciting to me!

The tiles were all down by that afternoon and the next day they were back to start the grout.

A day later the floor was done!!

The last day was installation of the new vanity and toilet and all the finish trim work.

From start of demo to the finish the process it took six days.

Take that assholes cherished family pets.


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