5 annoying things

1. Bra straps purposely showing underneath your shirt. Why do people do this? Omg. I don’t want to see your underthings. Stop it.


2. Britney Spears clapping on X Factor. I tried to find you a video, but I guess I’m the only blogger that would like to throw things when Brit claps. She does this thing where she holds one palm out (hyper-extended) and then lightly taps the heel of her palm with the other hand. It’s the insincere -I’m-clapping-but-not-really-clapping Britney clap.


3. Asian nail technicians manners.
I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain this.

4. The amount of clothes I buy for myself and Carsten that require hand washing. I feel like I should own a metal tub and wash board.


5. My dogs. I met a woman today who had a dog that carried it’s own damn leash in it’s mouth and then obediently walked beside her. It also knew how to hunt, retrieve, and about 72 other commands.
I’d just like my dog to stop pooping in the guest bedroom.



2 thoughts on “5 annoying things

  1. Oh and nail shops. The place closest to my apartment (I refer to it as the ghetto place) is the worst. I have dry feet and they give a wonderful LONG LASTING pedicure. But man…most of them are awful.

    A couple months ago the owner lady tried to put me in the middle pedicure chair. They added a few more chairs so there’s no turning radius. I asked to sit on the end becuse of my gimpy hip I need extra room. they know me there, I go there frequently. They know I limp. Anyway she made a huge production out of it (and ignored me by the way, another worker there told her I wanted to be moved).

    And then the last trip there, thought I lucked out with another girl doing my toes, but just after my polish was removed the owner came over to continue. At one point she was so brutal with my feet I asked flat out if she was mad at me or was there a reason she was trying to injure me.

    Needless to say, she did a HORRIBLE job on my nails. I am now pedicure free for a month. Need to go to the luxuy place by my office. I also took of my gel nails and am just going to try and find another place. MAN I hate that. Why are they so awful? I will never, ever go back to the ghetto place mark my words.

    Sorry to give all this feedback, but I am angry about it lol


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