10 Things I hate about Facebook

1). Checking in at the gym. Just…. why? I get it if you’re running a 10k, or doing something special with a friend…. but if you’re just on the frickin treadmill, please spare me. 2). Selfies of you exercising. What are you looking for here?? If I wanted to stare at sweaty people I’d go … More 10 Things I hate about Facebook


Dryer hell.

1. Heating Element on dryer breaks. Melisa calls repairman. 2. Repairman James orders part and says he will be back in a week. 3. A week later James returns and replaces heating element. 4. James puts the dryer back together wrong and dryer blows up. 5. James apologizes. James says he’ll order the parts and … More Dryer hell.

Those days.

Have you ever had one if THOSE days? One of the days where you get a car wash and then a bird poops on your windshield 2 minutes later and not just any old place on your windshield, but right.in.front.of.your.face. Or when you get a spray tan and then an hour later forget that you … More Those days.

Winter sucks

1. Even the dog knows better than to go outside when it’s below 0 and tries to avoid the harsh weather by peeing in the garage or a second less desirable location, the front porch. 2. Yellow snow. 3. Take out is more like leftovers because by the time you drive it home you have … More Winter sucks


So, what do you do when you lose your leverage?  Because I am completely baffled. All of Cody’s life we have heard teacher after teacher tell us how smart he was.  But, it was always like this: “Cody is very smart, however he doesn’t apply himself.” or “Cody is very smart and does very well in … More Leverage

5 annoying things

1. Bra straps purposely showing underneath your shirt. Why do people do this? Omg. I don’t want to see your underthings. Stop it. 2. Britney Spears clapping on X Factor. I tried to find you a video, but I guess I’m the only blogger that would like to throw things when Brit claps. She does … More 5 annoying things