Good-bye Peanut Butter Pie


And Diet Coke. And pretzel rolls. And cheese. And candy. And dessert of any kind. And brown rice Triscuits. And basically everything delicious.

Because Melisa is going on a diet.

The bingo arm and stubborn belly fat is outta control over here. And also, the train is rolling straight into depression and anxiety-town because my firstborn is leaving the nest.

What does all of that mean? Well, essentially, it’s a perfect storm for an eating disorder to reoccur.

I’m in dangerous territory and I have been for the last few months. Normally, a diet would probably be the last thing you’d recommend to a person recovering from an eating disorder. But, I need structure. I need something regimented that gets my body detoxified from all the crap I’ve been filling it full of. (See paragraph #1). I’ve got a double whammy over here…. I can’t just go out for a run and burn 800 calories. Because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, I can walk and I can swim. Swimming is pretty difficult without a pool, so I’m stuck with walking. So, diet is how I control my weight and let’s just say I haven’t been doing the best job lately.

So. Now it looks like a protein bomb exploded in my refrigerator. I have a nine day diet planned out, with a visit back to the nutritionist in 7 days.

If I seem a little crabby the next few days, it’s only because I probably feel like I’d shank someone for some sugar.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Good-bye Peanut Butter Pie

    1. Ally,

      It’s called Ideal Protein, you can look it up online. Billy has lost over 20lbs the last six weeks and a bunch of inches. My neighbors both started the same time billy did and they’ve both lost tons of weight and inches. All three of them say the program works and the food is good. But, of course… I’ll update on my progress. Unless there’s no progress, then I’ll just bitch.


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