Those days.

Have you ever had one if THOSE days? One of the days where you get a car wash and then a bird poops on your windshield 2 minutes later and not just any old place on your windshield, but Or when you get a spray tan and then an hour later forget that you … More Those days.

Cody’s turn…

Once your child turns 18 and is about to leave for college, your ability to control them is very limited. I’m lucky that Cody always tells me where he is, and asks my permission for most things, but not today. GAH! Nice subject change at the end there…. let’s just ignore the hysteria and talk … More Cody’s turn…

Conversations with Carsten

Carsten went to my sister’s house for a few days. Our main form of communication is texting, which is frustrating sometimes! So, I decided to mess with her a little… (my texts are in blue) Looks like the joke’s on me! She was actually enjoying our conversation! HA!


My friend Camille invited me to go to the Elko – New Market Flea Market with her. Camille owns a antique store next to The Vintage Gypsy in downtown Prior Lake. I saved up my cash in the past two weeks, getting ready to barter for some junk at the market. I spent most of … More Junkin’


It’s not very often that all of my sisters are in the same place. We are all busy with jobs and kids and just life in general. We are spread out, 2 in Minnesota, 1 in Wisconsin and 1 in Colorado. Yesterday my Colorado sister, Kristen, happened to be passing through the Twin Cities. So, … More Sisters

What is love?

Love is wearing a stinky face mask for 20 mins because your daughter wants to get a facial with you and actually taking pictures of said activity and sharing it on the interweb. Now you know that my secret for staying so darn cute is wearing a clay face mask that makes me look like … More What is love?

Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone had a happy 4th! We had a low key holiday, just hanging out with friends and neighbors in the culdesac. The morning started with a Bloody Mary bar, which I didn’t participate in because I was busy slaving over these: 60 Mini Key Lime Tarts. At 3:30 all the kids gathered with their … More Happy 4th of July