It’s not very often that all of my sisters are in the same place. We are all busy with jobs and kids and just life in general. We are spread out, 2 in Minnesota, 1 in Wisconsin and 1 in Colorado.

Yesterday my Colorado sister, Kristen, happened to be passing through the Twin Cities. So, we made a plan to meet for lunch. Figuring out when and where to meet was like planning a world summit a bit difficult, but eventually things came together.


We ate lunch at delicious Mexican restaurant and then came back to my house for a sister photo shoot.

It went a little like this:
Julie – I need to stand on the left side.
Cara – I think I’m standing in a hole, I’m not really this much shorter.
Mel – Wait, I was talking.


Mel – Let’s do that again, I need to suck in my stomach.
Julie – I don’t want to stand by Mel, her hair always looks good.


Mel – Fine, let’s switch places.


Cara – OH! Because I look BAD?!?!
Mel – noooo!
Kristen – let’s just take the picture.


Cara – Wait! Why am I the only one with my arms in the front????
Kristen – Mel, stop touching my boob.


Mel – Here’s my arm in front…. BOOM!


Cara – here’s my arm in front! (Flexes muscle)
Julie – let’s flex our muscles!
Mel – wait…. I don’t have arm muscles!


Mel – fine. I’ll try.


Julie – Wait, Mel…. why do you have your arm out like that??
Mel – It makes your arm look skinnier!
Kristen – I’ll do it too!
Cara – no fair. I can’t have my arm out.


Kristen – Can we be done now?
Mel – I think we took about 75 pictures, there has to be ONE good one in there.
Julie – Hurry up, I can’t suck in my stomach for much longer.


Finally! A great picture!

Nothing is easy when the four of us are together, but it was a lot of fun. They may drive me craxy sometimes, but they’re my sisters and I think I’ll keep them.


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