My friend Camille invited me to go to the Elko – New Market Flea Market with her. Camille owns a antique store next to The Vintage Gypsy in downtown Prior Lake.

I saved up my cash in the past two weeks, getting ready to barter for some junk at the market.

I spent most of my money within the first 10 minutes! I spotted this bench first:


It was $45, but I bartered him down to $30. Then at the same booth I saw these chairs!


They are just a wee but different, the paint is chippy, but I’m going to paint them and the bench. I just don’t know what color yet! The chairs were $20 each and I talked him down $15 each.

I also bought the metal piece sitting on the chair, it’s and old heater and Marie makes lights out of them.

At the last market I missed out on buying this delicate bamboo birdcage, I wanted it and waited and when I went back it was gone. 😦 But today, it was there again! I snagged it for $20 and am IN LOVE WITH IT!


And then….. I saw it. I heard angels sings and saw unicorns jumping over rainbows into pots of gold so large whole leprechaun families were swimming in them…..


I’ve been searching for we’ll over a year for a retro clock for Cody. The lady plugged it in for me and it worked like brand new. I almost did a cartwheel. Awesome retro clock for Cody – $35. BOOM!

I passed up this little freak of nature.



I really wanted this next piece… Marie and I saw it last month too. She wanted it for her closet, but it was about twice as tall as her wall in that room. I think I need it. If only I had an extra $1,600 laying around.


My last purchase of the day was this sign. It had great colors, was in great shape and was an awesome price for a lighted sign. I figured if I can find a spot for it, I can always resell it.


It was a GREAT day at the market! The next one is in September! Who wants to go with?!?


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