Drop Off #1

Surprisingly, considering her initial reluctance, Carsten was pretty positive and excited all day today. I think it helped her to know she was just going to camp for a few days and not a full week. We went out for a big breakfast this morning, to celebrate my neighbor’s birthday, and we didn’t get home … More Drop Off #1


I loved summer camp as a kid. Every summer I went to Camp Chetek, to a bible camp. (Yes. Me at a bible camp. HA!). I remember calling home and begging my Mom to let me stay another week, thinking I was SO lucky that she let me stay. Now I realize she probably hung … More Camp

Dryer hell.

1. Heating Element on dryer breaks. Melisa calls repairman. 2. Repairman James orders part and says he will be back in a week. 3. A week later James returns and replaces heating element. 4. James puts the dryer back together wrong and dryer blows up. 5. James apologizes. James says he’ll order the parts and … More Dryer hell.