Camp, dryers and diets.

Camp So, guess who didn’t shower the entire time she was at camp? Yah. My kid. I took 15 pics of her and they all looked like that or like this. She wasn’t proud of not showering. Obvi. It was how she coped with the camp bathroom anxiety. I can deal with it. Next time … More Camp, dryers and diets.


Drop Off #1

Surprisingly, considering her initial reluctance, Carsten was pretty positive and excited all day today. I think it helped her to know she was just going to camp for a few days and not a full week. We went out for a big breakfast this morning, to celebrate my neighbor’s birthday, and we didn’t get home … More Drop Off #1


I loved summer camp as a kid. Every summer I went to Camp Chetek, to a bible camp. (Yes. Me at a bible camp. HA!). I remember calling home and begging my Mom to let me stay another week, thinking I was SO lucky that she let me stay. Now I realize she probably hung … More Camp

Dryer hell.

1. Heating Element on dryer breaks. Melisa calls repairman. 2. Repairman James orders part and says he will be back in a week. 3. A week later James returns and replaces heating element. 4. James puts the dryer back together wrong and dryer blows up. 5. James apologizes. James says he’ll order the parts and … More Dryer hell.