Things I think about when I can’t sleep

1). Why is the cart return so far away from the handicap spots? I’m pretty sure if I need to use the handicap spot I’m in no position to be walking another ALL THE WAY to put away the cart and then walk back to my car. Why wouldn’t I just park by the cart return then?

2). Why do people drive around the gym parking lot looking for the CLOSEST spot? I get it, it’s cold, but COME ON. You’re trying to get the closest spot to GO INSIDE AND EXERCISE. Couldn’t the exercise just start at the walk from your car??

3). Why is there an Easter bunny? Why isn’t it the Easter chicken? Wouldn’t it make more sense for a chicken to deliver the eggs? Or is that morbid?

4). Why do women immediately back out of a bathroom stall where there’s an unflushed toilet? The same woman will walk freely into a stall where someone just flushed, but if there’s a floater it’s like the toilet is tainted. Why not just flush toilet and then use it?

5). Why can’t cats be trained to go outside and pee just like dogs? This is my goal for 2015, get Bus Stop to pee outside like a dog and then come right back in.


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