What a FUN weekend!

This weekend my friend Augusta and I took Carsten to her first concert!  It was Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen.  Because Carsten did so well during her first quarter of middle school, I took her to the mall and got her a new outfit for the concert.  In case you had not gathered this, … More What a FUN weekend!



I have always dreaded going to Parent-Teacher conferences…. It all started when Cody was in Kindergarten and told his teacher that “my mommy listens to music about the devil,”, when realllly it was JUST A COUNTRY SONG that happened to be on the radio.   I found out quickly that you just can’t joke about … More Conferences…


Soooooo, it’s 2am and I just dreamt I was on a reality show with my parents. (Wait. It gets better.) I was in India, it was morning and my Mom sent me to the river to get water, because she tells me, if there’s any sitting water in the house the Mosquitos will lay eggs … More Wth?