Oh the willpower it takes….

Whenever I go into the bakery to pick up a cup of soup or a salad I am bombarded with all these delectable sweets that are begging me to eat them.

Get in my mouth!


It takes ALL. THE. WILLPOWER. I. HAVE. to not buy one.  Or two.  Or ten.


Oh! For cute!


When I went in there yesterday, there was a new donut.  A lot of people think this flavor combination is gross…. but internets!  It just WORKS.  Trust me!



I give you…………… THE MAPLE BACON DONUT!!!

I stared at this mo-fo the ENTIRE TIME they made my salad.  It was SO HARD not to buy one.  I could tell that it wanted to be in my belly.


I cannot stop thinking about that damn donut.


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