You know what people don’t tell you? That having children will break your heart into a million pieces. Or that sometimes, your kids will actually laugh at you WHILE they are breaking your heart into a million pieces. I knew that when I was a teenager, I did things to my parents, at times I … More Blah

5 annoying things

1. Bra straps purposely showing underneath your shirt. Why do people do this? Omg. I don’t want to see your underthings. Stop it. 2. Britney Spears clapping on X Factor. I tried to find you a video, but I guess I’m the only blogger that would like to throw things when Brit claps. She does … More 5 annoying things

Slightly singed….

Tuesdays are busy nights in our house. Carsten gets home from school and has to do homework, then I get dinner started and we have to eat quickly before heading out the door to cheer-leading practice.  I should have known better than to plan to make something that needed to be grill.  I am not a grill … More Slightly singed….


There is this little bakery in town where I frequently eat lunch…. they have the MOST delicious donuts, pastries and desserts I have EVER seen.  (they also have soups, salads and sandwiches, but that doesn’t matter as much.) I walked into the bakery yesterday to get some soup and THAT is what I saw.  A … More OMGDONUTS!

Hey Jackwagon

Hey Jackwagon in the parking lot of Target today, You really brightened my day today when you swore at me for using my handicap sticker. I really wish you would have listened to me when I urged you to follow through on your threat and call the gooddamn police! You have no idea why I use … More Hey Jackwagon


  Last week was a pretty big week for me….  my son started his senior year in high school. The first day of school I was an irrational mess.  By mid-afternoon I was sitting on my son’s bed, staring at the ceiling and crying because I never got him a ceiling fan.  Yes.  An effin’ … More Lasts