5 things making me anxious

5 things making me anxious.

1. The amount of furry woodland creatures my cat, Chuck, can kill. Do you know what it feels like to step on a mouse? I do. Blech.

2. The amount of furry woodland creatures my sister can kill. She blew up her Facepage this weekend with her hunting pursuits. Pictures of her hunting RV cabin, her hunting blind, and all of her kills. Barf. I cannot believe we came out of the same womb.

3. Matchbox Twenty’s video She’s So Mean. Last time I checked, setting someone’s drum set on fire (WHILE THEY ARE PLAYING IT) was not mean, it was arson.

4. Lobster watch. Fish tanks are supposed to be calming, right? Well, not when you’re constantly in a twitter over where your lobster is, if she is eating, if she got ENOUGH to eat, if she is molting, blah, blah…. You’d think I gave birth to the little thing.

5. Speaking of birth! Baby fish. That’s right. The fish have procreated. But only produced one teeny tiny fish that I am now also constantly obsessing over. Baby fish grow SLOWLY people. VERY VERY SLOWLY. Now I have to figure out if I am more worried if the baby fish is alive OR if I want Lucy Lobster to not be hungry. Gah!

Sidebar: Don’t ever become a fish breeder. Unless you hate yourself, then perhaps it’s the perfect career for you.


6. School supplies. I’ve been to Office Max so many times recently, they know me by name. Even when I buy the EXACT thing the daughter is supposed to need, it.STILL.isn’t.the.EXACT.thing.she.needs. I practically have enough leftover shite for my own office store.

The End.


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