Stacey Update 4/25

Originally posted on Stacey’s blog.

Blog Entry Friday, April 25th, 2008 Apr 25, ’08 11:31 AM
for everyone

(blog by stacey, typed by mel)

Stacey says, THANK GOD! (that Mel is typing) or you would not be reading it!

Last night was a night from hell.  I was awake at 4:30 and I was lonely.  The only thing that was able to get me back to sleep was by logging on to Multiply.  I was able to get in, and read what Mel typed last night.

I feel like there is a dog running around under my bed, they must be doing some work down below me.  That must be the drugs, right?  I am pretty sure the dog is not chewing on any dead things.  hahahaha

Nausea-wise I feel ok, but my throat is so sore again.  I have mouth sores too.  Most of the sores are in my throat.  They increased my morphine again to help with that.

I ate some chocolate ice cream for breakfast, and then I tried to eat some fruit and toast later on but my throat was too sore.  I am taking advantage of the kitchen they have in the ward, eating pudding and sherbet and ice cream.

I have just been really lonely lately.  I called K at 4 this morning and he came in to see me.  I am up for visitors, but I want to see people that I am comfortable with.  People that have visited me before.  Mandi and Katie are coming to see me tonight and I am very excited to see them. 

I am wearing the pajama pants that Mel gave me that have doggies hugging on them.  All the doggies look like they are staring up at my IV pole.  My IV pole looks like Rosie from the Jetsons, or maybe a vaccuum.  But don’t worry, it has not talked to me yet.  I think it is funny, but these drugs freak me out a little bit.

I love my nurses a lot, especially my nurse Julie.  She has been wonderful.  She brings me chocolate ice cream all the time.

I knew my counts were low this morning because I had a bloody nose.  Counts today were 19 for platelets, red blood count is 10 because I just got transfused, white cell count is still 0.  That won’t come up until my new marrow starts making them.

I still get benedryl and adavan in the morning and if I need platelets then I get some more during the day.  I take phenagin (sp?) for the nausea.  Also a whole lot of hormones for anti-rejection and to build up my immune system.

Next week is when they will look for graft vs host disease, by watching for changes in my blood or rashes on my body.  I have a rash on my fingers and knuckles, but they think that is just dry skin from the dry weather.  But that is the kind of thing they will be looking for on different parts of my body. 

I am really looking forward to seeing Katie’s baby, I am not sure if she is bringing her, I HOPE she is bringing her, but I won’t say anything if she doesn’t.  I am really looking forward to seeing Mandi. 

Keep the comments coming!  And if you are my friend (I mean, like we know each other and you have visited me before) and if any of my Woodwinds nurses is reading this I would love to see you, so please come visit!  If I am tired, I may fall asleep on you but you could just chat amongst yourselves!

Love you guys! Bye!


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