Stacey Update 4/28

Originally posted on Stacey’s blog.

Blog Entry Thursday, April 24th, 2008 Apr 24, ’08 8:57 PM
for everyone

(written by Mel)

It is official… Stac is the most adorable person EVER.  Her blog from today was so cute, she tried so hard. 

Since i’m still in  a drug cossaysant state 0f mind and have a I will wait a bit longer untill she calls me of a trie blundder I MIGHT have accdentidtally left…just just it fo her t doc. Please all call soon. Please call soon


The drugs make everything sideways and blurry and confusing… no matter how hard she tries.  She has a lot to say, but she was tired tonight.  We are planning a collaborative blog for tomorrow morning, she is hoping she will feel a bit better and more perky so she can say all that she wants to say.  I am getting pretty good at this secretary stuff, no?  I keep telling her that we should write a book together afterward.  By we I mean, I type while she talks. haha…. platelets are down again, she got a transfusion right before we spoke tonight.  She is still getting Benedryl and Adavan, and she also still gets the morphine.  Her throat is a little better, not much.  They give her a mouthwash and two other things right before she eats, to numb her mouth and throat so it doesn’t hurt as much.

Stacey’s pulse and blood pressure have been up.  The elevated pulse rate lead to a cat-scan, which showed some bacteria in her lungs.  They are trying to determine what this is, and they have already started her on antibiotics.  They think she may have a little case of pneumonia. 

Nausea has continued to decrease.  Her appetite is a bit better, she isn’t eating a lot, but a bit more with each passing day.

Ok… those are all my notes.  We will be back before lunchtime tomorrow, hopefully with a much longer blog coming from her mouth via my fingers! 


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