my heart, ftc shirts, rikki, a party, and other stuff Apr 28, ’08 8:10 AM
for everyone

Hello there.

How are my peoples today?  How was your weekend?  Mine was ok.  I pressed my King of Hearts monitor a bagillion times.  Every time I press it, I sing Playing With the Queen of Hearts out loud!  It makes this whole sitch-e-ation a teeny weeny bit more bearable.


Since I have been paying attention more, and looking at the monitor when I feel dizzy or winded it has freaked me the eff out.  For some reason brushing my teeth makes my heart go wonky, up to 170 beats per minute.  (normal heart bpm is around 75-85)  Once yesterday it went up to 200bpm.  BTW, that was NOT while brushing my teeth, it was while walking from the living room to my bedroom.  What the eff?

Anywho, this morning after another episode the thingey was full, so I called the VA to send my info.  Kingey sang to them for almost five minutes and then I hear them yelling, “Melisa!  Melisa!” and I say, “yes?” and they tell me to push Kingeys button and make him stop singing because they ran out of paper.  They. Ran. Out. Of. Paper. I asked if that normally happened, hoping they would say, YES!  All the time!  And yup, you guessed it… they said No.  (Nice.  Why can’t I beat the odds when it comes to lotteries and whatnot?)  So, I am waiting for them to call me back.  Because even though it sent for that long, it still says it is FULL and therefore cannot record anymore episodes…. so they were puzzled.  They said they would call me back later, this is VA-speak for “we do not want to deal with this and will not be calling you back at all.  EVER.”



I think it is safe to say it is NOT the raccoon sitch making me stressed, since that is long over.  Sometimes my heart races when I am just sitting here all comfy-like in my chair.  That is NOT normal and I am skeeeeeeeered.  (I know I am joking and TRYING to be funny, but I really am worried.)






If you are going to order an FTC shirt I need you to do it SOON.  I don’t have near as many orders as I expected… so I am hoping that maybe some of you are just procrastinating.  I would like to place our order, and the order for the benefit, this week.


Rikki!  Where in the 8-ch are you?  (where in the H are you?)  I simply cannot stand this.  First Brandi and now Rikki.  Why are my friends doing this to me?  Do they not know I am going a wee bit crazy without them?

I left this poem in Rikki’s guest book yesterday:

Rikki, Rikki, Rikki…
The clock keeps going ticky, tocky, ticky…
and you are STILL not around!
In fact you are no where to be found!
Blogland is kinda craptacular,
without Rikki – who is uber spectacular.
So, here I am a knock knockin’ on your screen,
saying “Rikki, YOU’RE making ME want to SCREAM!”
I want you to come back,
before I have a fake heart attack.
Come on now, pretty oh pretty please,
(If you do it I will send you ten pounds of CHEESE!)
Just PLEASE come back to Multiply,
or you will make all the Internets cry.

Maybe if EVERYONE leaves her comments, she will come back to shut us all up?


I sent out the invites to Carsten’s party, she is having a sleepover this year.  I know, I know, what was I thinking?!?!  I do not know!

Her birthday is tomorrow and she will open her presents from us and we are going to go out to eat wherever she wants.  Then Friday night is her school carnival, and then her sleep over.  Her theme is High School Musical and she is 98 kinds of excited!  We even got temporary Troy tattoos!  Weeeeeeeee!

I CANNOT believe she is going to be 7 already.  Unbelievable.






My sister did a MN ironman yesterday, with her husband and her Father-in-law.  I cannot even begin to tell you how proud of her I am.  She is so awesome!








The geese are back!  They had four babies this year!  I think it is the same parents, because when I went out to look at them this weekend, they came RUNNING for the corn.  The corn I was not even throwing yet.  haha!  So, I threw them some corn and Carsten and I took eleventy-seven pictures of them!





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