My baby is seven!

  my baby is seven! Apr 29, ’08 9:10 AM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

Seven years ago, my sweet little baby girl was born.  She came into the world early (32 weeks), just 4lbs 5oz and 17inches long .









I might be biased, but I think she was the most beautiful baby EVER.  She was a very happy baby… but she has always done things when SHE wants, stubborn from the start.












Sassy and spunky, she acts SO much like me it is scary sometimes.  She needed speech therapy to start talking, she would get so frustrated when people didn’t understand her.  Before she could put together a sentence, she could match her earrings to her outfit.  The speech therapist said she had never seen someone so tiny and SO interested in her clothes and accessories.  It took a while, but she finally figured out how to talk and once she started talking she never stopped.  The only time she is quiet is when she is asleep.












She has worshiped her brother her entire life, when she was a toddler she called him “Yellow” because she couldn’t say Cody and yellow was her favorite color.  Sometimes she will still call him Yellow, and it always squeezes my heart.












She makes me laugh SO hard, every single day.  Making people laugh is almost her favorite thing to do, right up there with talking and shopping!  (also like me!  haha)












Today is her birthday and I CANNOT believe she is ALREADY seven years old… the time has gone by SO fast! 

She is so sweet, caring and kind.  She loves animals and her friends.  She remembers everything you tell her, and she is the best present giver ever.  She surprises me with her thoughtfulness and her wit.  I love her more than anything in the world.  I think she got the bestest bits of me, and she makes me SO proud.

She is my little girl, my tiny little peanut, my Princess Puffalina.  Happy Birthday Baby!!



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