Stacey Update 4/30


Originally posted on Stacey’s blog.


Blog Entry Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 ~ Prayers Needed Apr 30, ’08 6:35 PM
for everyone

(written by Mel)

The last few days have been pretty rough for Stacey, it has been pretty bad since the weekend. 

She started having some bladder trouble over the weekend and had a very painful catheter that was pumping in saline into her bladder and they were monitoring the outflow from the catheter.  They couldn’t find anything wrong and ended up taking it out on Sunday night because it was causing Stac so much pain and distress.

Today Stac started having more problems… she passed a few blood clots and then started feeling intense pain and pressure.  They did an ultrasound of her bladder and determined that she has another even larger clot.   Her platelet count was down (20) and so was her hemoglobin (5) despite three transfusions today.  So, she was continuing to lose blood, even after the transfusions.  They were talking about doing surgery this afternoon, but then decided that she is not stable enough right now.

They will continue giving her transfusions, and as soon as they can (once her numbers are up) they will go in surgically (not cutting her, but through a catheter) and break up the clot.

They think what is happening is that the chemo has broken down the lining of her bladder, and the catheter may be making things worse by causing some abrasions.  Over the weekend Stac was up and down a lot (because of an upset tummy) and so the catheter was rubbing and pulling on her bladder. 

Stac is finally resting now, she had been waking up several times an hour for the past few days.  The pain and pressure she was feeling this morning was from the clot blocking the fluid from exiting the bladder, and now the catheter has helped relieve that pressure. 

Stacey’s mom Peggy has been staying with Stac at the hospital since Monday.  K is there too… Mandi is watching the boys overnight.  (Mandi has been incredibly awesome, taking the boys whenever they need her too.  You are wonderful, Mandi!)

Stac isn’t strong enough to talk on the phone, and K is very emotional right now.  Stac, K and Peggy need our support, today was a very scary day.  So, get on those knees and start praying… and let’s carry them through this.

I will try to update you again tomorrow.


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