The Birthday

The Birthday Apr 30, ’08 2:35 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

Carsten chose Cracker Barrel for dinner last night… want to guess why?  Because we can shop while we are waiting for our food!  haha.  She fell asleep on the car ride to the restaurant and woke up with a smile when we got there!  She loves Cracker Barrel and we had a really nice dinner.

Then we came back home and she got to open her presents.












She got a new earring holder.












And oodles and doodles of clothes, which was a special request, especially Hannah Montana clothes.  She got ummmm, two outfits, a dress, and two shirts.  Also an adorable necklace set, that has charms that you switch for each day of the week.



















Another special request was these teeny tiny Hannah Montana sports bras and matching undies.  She saw her friend Catherine wearing some, and she wanted some too.  At first I said NO WAY JOSE!! but then I figured they might come in handy for when she wears leotards or tank tops, and?  It might make the whole eventual training bra transition a lot less stressful . 










She was SO. FREAKIN. EXCITED. when she opened them!  She even squealed!  Although, Cody did have an moment, he can’t even kinda handle his little sister wanting something like that.  haha











She got a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop animals, which if you haven’t seen them?  They are the cutest things ever!!










Next she opened a big tackle box type thingey to carry the Littlest Pet Shop animals in, and also a Littlest Pet Shop teeny rabbit stuffed animal that she promptly named Carrot.  And lookey!  My upsidedownhead!












Her last present was a PINK barbie scooter.  She has wanted a scooter FOREVER and has been riding Cody’s scooter around.  She even tried to put some streamers on Cody’s scooter to make it more girly! 








(I look grumpy here, but I promise that I wasn’t!)





She loved her scooter and wanted to go outside RIGHT AWAY so she could ride it.












She had a really fantastic birthday!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes for her!  She LOVED them!


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