Stacey Update 5/1

Originally posted on Stacey’s blog.

Thursday ~ May 1st, 2008 May 1, ’08 10:18 AM
for everyone

Written by Mel

I actually talked to Stac this morning (last night I was talking to Peggy, because Stacey could not talk.)  Stacey is feeling a little better today.  She is still having bladder spasms, and those are pretty painful.  She sometimes feels like the clot is blocking the catheter and this is really uncomfortable.

She has been on a continuous platelet drip since last night.  Her numbers are up, Hemoglobin – 9, Platelet Count – 48, and White Blood Cell count is still 0.

The doctors want her platelet count to be 60 before they will do the surgery.  Stac is hoping that she reaches this count by this afternoon.  She wants them to do the surgery so this can all just be over.

She sounded great this morning.  I wish everyone could hear her voice, because it instantly calms me down.  Despite her pain, she still has her wonderful sense of humor, and she always makes me laugh.  We talked about some of the silly stuff she has done, my favorite one being the time she bent down to the hospital table that sits across her bed, and she put her face a few inches above a little plastic spoon sitting on the table and said, “Well, Helllllllooooo there!”  Like the spoon was a little cartoon character sitting on the table, waiting to talk to her.  haha

Keep praying everyone…. I think it is working.


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