Stacey Update 5/2

Originally posted on Stacey’s blog.


Friday ~ May 2nd, 2008 May 2, ’08 9:50 AM
for everyone

Written by Mel

Yesterday was the toughest day ever.  Stac said it was the most pain she has EVER felt in her life.

All day yesterday she felt like her bladder was full, but there was nothing coming out of her catheter.  They kept trying to irrigate her bladder, but she just kept filling up but not emptying out.  Stacey said it felt like her bladder was full PAST capacity and it just hurt SO much.  Then the nurses would push up on the catheter and a gush of fluid would come out.  It was so painful it made her scream out in pain, something she has NEVER done before.  They thought that the blood clot was AGAIN blocking the catheter so that fluid could not exit the bladder.

They called the urologist, and when he came they took out her catheter and replaced it with a much larger catheter, and repeated the irrigation process.  Again the pain was intense, even with extra pain medication the pain was excruciating.  But, the clot seemed to break up a bit and a lot of it came out of the catheter. 

After it was over, she did not feel the full bladder feeling, or the feeling of the catheter being blocked.  She was able to rest through the night without any bladder spasms.

She is still on the 24-hour platelet drip.  Counts today are:  Platelets – 51, Hemoglobin – 9.9, and White Blood Cell count – 0.  The doctors had not visited her yet this morning, so she is not sure if they will still want to go ahead with the surgery.  Everyone is hoping that it won’t be necessary.

Stacey’s throat still hurts, nothing much has changed there.  They still give her the numbing medications and pain medications, but she still has trouble eating and sometimes chokes on her food.

She was getting benedryl as we spoke and before long she got really sleepy, so that is all the info I have for today.


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