Stacey Update 5/3

Originally posted on Stacey’s blog.

Blog Entry Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 May 3, ’08 10:37 AM
for everyone

Written by Mel

Today is day 17.  17 days since the transplant.  Feels like longer, doesn’t it?

When Stacey answered the phone today I asked how she was doing.  She said, BAD.  REALLY bad.  Whenever she is in lots of pain, she talks REALLY softly, and I could barely hear her today.  She said her throat was hurting a lot, and she was not strong enough to talk.  So, I talked to Peggy.

Stacey’s counts today were:  Hemoglobin 8.4 (that is down), WBC – 0, and Platelets – 66.  Yesterday morning platelets were 51 and then in the afternoon went all the way up to 75.  She is still on the continuous platelet drip.  She has been saying no to benedryl since yesterday afternoon, she was sick of being groggy and out of it.  But the benedryl helps when she gets platelets, so without it she has been flushed and feverish again.

They brought her an air bed yesterday, because through all of this stuff the past week, she has been confined to her bed and is starting to feel sore.

Stacey will continue to have the bladder flush (pushing fluids in through the catheter and monitoring the fluid that comes out.)  Her fluid has been clear, so they don‘t think they will do surgery.  Stac will have an ultrasound of her bladder on Monday, where they will look for clots again.

Her throat is really bothering her today, and despite an increased appetite and interest in food, she still isn’t eating very much.

Day 19 (Monday) is the first day they could check for engraftment and graft vs host disease.  So the next week is going to be pretty important.

Today is Gabe’s birthday.  Stac isn’t able to see the kids right now.  Gabe is going to have cupcakes at home, and they have told him that when Mommy gets out of the hospital they are going to have a BIG party for him.

Keep praying everyone.


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