The Birthday

The Birthday Apr 30, ’08 2:35 PM for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies Carsten chose Cracker Barrel for dinner last night… want to guess why?  Because we can shop while we are waiting for our food!  haha.  She fell asleep on the car ride to the restaurant and woke … More The Birthday

Stacey Update 4/30

  Originally posted on Stacey’s blog.   Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 ~ Prayers Needed Apr 30, ’08 6:35 PM for everyone (written by Mel) The last few days have been pretty rough for Stacey, it has been pretty bad since the weekend.  She started having some bladder trouble over the weekend and had a very … More Stacey Update 4/30


my heart, ftc shirts, rikki, a party, and other stuff Apr 28, ’08 8:10 AM for everyone Hello there. How are my peoples today?  How was your weekend?  Mine was ok.  I pressed my King of Hearts monitor a bagillion times.  Every time I press it, I sing Playing With the Queen of Hearts out loud!  It … More Stuff

Stacey Update 4/28

Originally posted on Stacey’s blog. Thursday, April 24th, 2008 Apr 24, ’08 8:57 PM for everyone (written by Mel) It is official… Stac is the most adorable person EVER.  Her blog from today was so cute, she tried so hard.  Since i’m still in  a drug cossaysant state 0f mind and have a I will wait … More Stacey Update 4/28

Stacey Update 4/25

Originally posted on Stacey’s blog. Friday, April 25th, 2008 Apr 25, ’08 11:31 AM for everyone (blog by stacey, typed by mel) Stacey says, THANK GOD! (that Mel is typing) or you would not be reading it! Last night was a night from hell.  I was awake at 4:30 and I was lonely.  The only … More Stacey Update 4/25


My Craptacular Day Apr 24, ’08 7:15 PM for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies I didn’t sleep much at all last night… and woke up with a hangover.  The kids and I pulled out of the driveway at 7:20am.  By the way, the sun had been shining brightly for at … More Craptacular


  I don’t have a topic, I am rollin all random-like. Apr 23, ’08 6:41 PM for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies It is Day 5 of my 8 day stint as a single mom and the chilluns are about to kill me dead.  OK.  That isn’t fair.  Carsten … More Random

Stacey Update 4/21

Originally posted on Stacey’s blog.     Monday, April 21st, 2008 Apr 21, ’08 8:13 PM for everyone (Written by Stac’s Secretary, Mel) First, I want to say that when I called tonight, Stacey was SO cute on the phone I almost couldn’t stand it.  Oh, my heart.  I wanted to reach through the phone … More Stacey Update 4/21

Weekend Picture Blog

Weekend Picture Blog *edited with spandex pic!!!!!!! Apr 20, ’08 6:55 PM for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies Hi!  It has been a busy weekend over here.  Carsten had a sleepover on Friday night with her bf Catherine.  Catherine is one of the sweetest little girls ever, I just LURVE … More Weekend Picture Blog