Weekend Picture Blog

Weekend Picture Blog *edited with spandex pic!!!!!!! Apr 20, ’08 6:55 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

Hi!  It has been a busy weekend over here.  Carsten had a sleepover on Friday night with her bf Catherine.  Catherine is one of the sweetest little girls ever, I just LURVE having her over!  Cody was staying overnight at a friend’s house, and was competing in a Halo tournament all weekend.  (They ended up taking second in the tourney!)

We picked Catherine up on Friday after Carsten got done with dance.  Catherine’s mom said that Catherine starting sitting at the door with her suitcase a half hour before we were supposed to arrive!  Awwww!

I set up the pop up tent upstairs.










They laid in the tent and watched High School Musical 2 and ate popcorn.  It was absolutely adorable how excited they were to have an indoor camp-out.  When they got settled I heard Catherine say, “Now THIS is what I call relaxation!”










The next day they played outside for a long time, even though it was raining on and off.  One time I saw them riding in Carsten’s barbie jeep with an umbrella.  haha!  When it started raining too hard to play outside they came inside and we had root beer floats and then and we did some art projects.

Fpr the first project we taped paper in the bottom of boxes, put different colors of paint in a muffin tin, then they dipped marbles in the paint and rolled them around in the boxes.












For the second art project we made some flowers by cutting a flower out of construction paper, then glued a button to the middle, then poked pipe cleaners through the button and flower to make the stem, and finally the girls painted the flowers petals with different color finger paints.  They turned out really cute!



Carsten and I spent a lot of the weekend weeding out the flower beds on the patio and around front.  Now that it is warmer EVERYTHING is starting to bloom and it looks SO pretty!











Look!  The patio table!










Can you find Carsten?









And look!  All the bulbs are starting to come up!












Carsten and I went shopping in town on Saturday and we went to my favorite store, the Jackson and Perkins outlet!  They had these TOTALLY cool plants there, with flowers that looked like fuzzy red caterpillars!  We HAD to have them!












Aren’t they cool?!?!  And neither Carsten OR I can STOP. TOUCHING. THEM.

Oh!  Here is a picture of one of my new screen doors!  I love them, they have hidden screens and I love being able to have the screens open on nice days.












We also picked up another cute little potting vase thingey, and some plants to put in it.










I planted Hibiscus in the pots that I bought a few weeks ago.  I have never had Hibiscus before, so I am hoping I don’t kill them!  Any tips Internets????












I keep forgetting to show you the Bleeding Heart plant that my family got for me when my G-ma died.  I haven’t had one since we lived WI.  I love them, they are so pretty.












Today Carsten and I took Rafferty for a walk on a bunny leash, and then later I took her to a birthday party.  I went shopping while she was at the party.  Friedman’s jewelers is going out of business, so I HAD to go there.  And then after finding out my watch did not need a new battery, and was in fact BROKEN.  I went new watch shopping.  Then I went to a carwash and saw the most atrocious thing EVER.  A MAN wearing spandex shorts with NO underwear!  I took a picture with my cell phone, and I am going to try to send it to my e mail so I can post it here!  STAY TUNED!











That is about all that is going on here… BB is in KS, on a business trip.  So, it is just me and the kids for the next week.  I have a blood draw and two VA appt’s next week (an RA appt and a Neurology appt.) so, I will be around when I can be! 

Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend


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