Stacey Update 4/21

Originally posted on Stacey’s blog.



Monday, April 21st, 2008 Apr 21, ’08 8:13 PM
for everyone

(Written by Stac’s Secretary, Mel)

First, I want to say that when I called tonight, Stacey was SO cute on the phone I almost couldn’t stand it.  Oh, my heart.  I wanted to reach through the phone and squeeze her!  She made me LOL so many times!

OK, so on with the update!

When I updated last, Stacey was feeling pretty bad.  Very tired and nauseous.  Well, good news!  The nausea has decreased significantly!  She isn’t 100% feeling fine, but it is a lot better than it was.  She is still on liquid nutrients, but she has been able to eat a bit more than she was.  She is still having her glucose checked (though I did find out they don’t have to prick her, they take the blood from her pic line) and if her number drops below 120 she has to have an insulin shot.  For the last few days it has been up around 260.

Her White Cell Count is just barely registering, at around 0.  (which, technically… this is better than not registering at all)  Her Red Blood Cell count is 9, Hemoglobin is 9 too.  So, those counts are lower, but that is normal.  She is still getting platelets transfused as necessary.

All her hair is falling out again… she said she has a furry pillow.  haha.  We talked about how at least we know it comes back fast!  So, soon she will have all that sexy dark short hair again!  🙂 

A new side effect is a sore/dry throat.  Stacey said that when she swallows it feels like razor blades in her throat.  She said the pain about sends her to the ceiling.  They have given her a morphine drip to deal with the pain, she gets morphine three times a day, and she was pretty darn excited about that.  It is even more morphine than she had before.  So WOOT for morphine!

The last couple of days they have kept her pretty drugged up.  She has started not waking up in the night, when they come in to check her.  She said that this has went a long way in helping her feel better.  Also, she fell asleep sometime yesterday and woke up at around 6:40 to some doctors in her room.  She said something to them about being in her room REALLY early.  Then K showed up and she said, “Is there something going on that I don’t know about?”  K said, “Errrrrrr”  And then K realized Stac thought it was 6:40AM and it was REALLY 6:40PM!  So, she slept the whole night AND the whole day!  She thought this was pretty funny, and said, well, I am not going anywhere soon, so I can do that IF I WANT!

She also wanted everyone to know how wonderfully sweet the nurses are being to her there, especially her new favorite nurse, Julie.  (Shout out to Julie!  We love YOU for loving Stacey!!)  Stac said she feels like she is getting the best care in the world. 

She also talked about how much she loves her bed.  It is the most comfy bed ever.  (I am fairly certain that our talk today was sponsored by Morphine, Adavan, and Benedryl!!)

Stacey also wanted me to say that she would LOVE to have some visitors.  If she is tired, she will just fall asleep on you, and if she ISN’T too tired, then she will chat!  So, don’t worry and don’t fret, just get your butts up there to see her!

Stacey also said she has loved receiving cards at the hospital.  There is supposedly an e mail program at this hospital too, and she said she was going to send me the link.  But, in case she doesn’t remember telling me that… I am going to try to find it.  I will let you know if I do, and then you can pm me for the link.


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