Hey Jackwagon

Hey Jackwagon in the parking lot of Target today,

You really brightened my day today when you swore at me for using my handicap sticker. I really wish you would have listened to me when I urged you to follow through on your threat and call

the gooddamn police!

You have no idea why I use a handicap sticker. Just because I look ok, does not mean I am ok.  They don’t just pass out handicap stickers out like condoms at Planned Parenthood, you actually have to have a form signed by a doctor to get one.

Even though you totally suck I hope you never NEED one of these stickers.
I also hope you get hemorrhoids and then eat some bad Chinese food.




One thought on “Hey Jackwagon

  1. I use a handicap placard. Sometimes if I’m having a good day and not limping too much I think people assume I use it because I’m overweight and lazy. Wish I had a sign for my back that saus :before you judge why not ask me why I’m using this.

    I don’t even sit in the handicap seats on the metro unless there are no others available because I try to be considerate of the elderly or people that might need a spot who also have no visible handicap but could be worse than mine.

    Off on a rant, sorry. People suck. I never judge what someones handicap might be. Just because someone isn’t in a cast or using a wheelchair or some other assistive device doesn’t mean they don’t need a closer spot or an easier one, or one that is somehow more beneficial.


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