In which I am white as rice.

This past Saturday my friend Cate invited me to go to Zumba with her. I wasn’t sure if I would physically be able to do Zumba, but Cate seemed so enthusiastic I thought I’d give it a try. Also, I was drinking when she asked me. By this morning, I was wondering what the hell … More In which I am white as rice.



So, what do you do when you lose your leverage?  Because I am completely baffled. All of Cody’s life we have heard teacher after teacher tell us how smart he was.  But, it was always like this: “Cody is very smart, however he doesn’t apply himself.” or “Cody is very smart and does very well in … More Leverage


So, Carsten is a tween now.  Tweens are more challenging than I remember.  Or maybe tween girls are more challenging than tween boys?  Or maybe I am just OLD. Recently Carsten decided to give a little neighbor girl a makeover.  She considers herself an expert on all things beauty now…. evidenced by her make up,hair … More Tween’ing