Updates… Feb 13, ’09 2:15 PM
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Long time no blog… sowwwrrrry!



I had such a fun time at Michelle’s house.  She forgot to mention that I gave her a running hug and jumped into her arms when I first saw her!!  I warned her that I was gonna, but I don’t think she believed me…  which made it ALL the more fun to actually do it!  mwahahahaha!

We drank and talked and drank and ate messkin food and also we drank!  I think I drank my weight in margaritas whilst I was there!



I felt so cozy in her house I did not want to leave!  I can’t wait until we get to see each other again!


Carsten has been doing so well in hockey… she is so absolutely adorable.  She tries SO hard and I can see the improvement every time she skates!


Last night she skated in between periods at the boys high school hockey game.  She was so nervous… right before she was getting on the ice she said, “Ummmm…. I don’t think I am ready for this!!”  haha  She did really well tho, despite her nervousness!


Guess what?  I finally heard from the zoo!  I have an interview on February 28th!  Gah!  I am SOOOO nervous already!  What do you wear to an interview at the zoo?  I am probably gonna blow it, because I am so frickin excited that they are going to think I am some sort of freak!


I got a wii fit!  It was an early birthday present…. and I set it up yesterday.  It was so fun!  But holy shitake mushroom people!  It kicked my butt!  Who knew hula hooping was so hard?


This weekend we are going to a hockey game… my sister Cara coaches hockey and her team (crap, I hope I say this right…) are conference champs and now they are in the play-offs.  Gah.  Now that I am a hockey Maaaam (said like Sarah Palin) now I need to learn how to talk hockey.  Anyway, they won and we want them to win more and so we are going to a game.  And it is tomorrow.  Weeeee!  I am excited for my sister and her team!


I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day… I will leave you with a picture of Carsten dressed up all Valentiney for school today.  (Cody didn’t want to participate in wearing festive clothing for the holiday… so no picture of him, sorry!!)


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One thought on “Updates…

  1. Stacey’s comment:Your a shoe in for the job at the zoo! Look at all the animal experience you have! However, you’re not applying at a farm…so I would ditch the bibs, cowboy boots and toothpicks and go with khaki. LOL

    Carsten is so adorable. That is so great that she’s doing so well!


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