My Birfday!

It is ALMOST my birfday! Feb 18, ’09 6:46 PM
for Mel ‘s network

I LUFF my birfday!  Unless we just met, or you have been residing under a rock, or hate me and are planning your OWN party on my birthday, then you already KNOW that it’s almost my birfday and you already know I LUFF my birfday!  And it is almost here!  Weeeeeee!  For the first time in years, I am having a party!  You are all invited!  Who wants to come?  Anyone?  Anyone?

I was preparing today by shopping at the grocery store and liquor store I am on a super pre-birfday high!

My party is a fondue par-tay!  There will be oil to fry-up your yummies, after you dip it in batter iffen you like…. and also cheese fondue.  I bought chicken, steak, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peppers, onions and a variety pack of bread (rye, french, cheese.)  Oh low!  I forgot the mushrooms! 

We’re also having chocolate fondue for dessert.  I got angel food cake, marble cake, regular-strawberry-coconut marshmallows, apples and bananas.  Mandi is bringing pineapple!  Oh double low!  I forgot strawberries!  Danni?  Wanna bring strawberries?

It’s my birthday!!

Then…… the drinks!  I got virgin pina coladas for Mandi and Anna (who is nursing.) and for everyone else (who wants to get snookered like myself) there will the super yummO margs that I had at that superbowl party and I also got the ingredients to TRY to re-create the tangerine-pomegranate margs that I had in TN!  Thanks to Mlk for talking that recipe out of the bartender!

It is also gonna be a mini high school reunion for Stacey!  Because my friends Anna and Augusta are coming and neither of them have seen Stac in years!  I am very excited for everyone to meet each other, and I am excited to see baby Amelia again!  I might even let someone else hold her!

The party starts 48 hours and 14 minutes from now!  It isn’t too late to catch a flight!


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