25 Randoms

  25 random things about me. Jan 26, ’09 4:20 PM for Mel ‘s friends & their friends 1.  I used to hate peas… until recently.  Now I can’t stop eating them… I have had them 5 days out of the last 7.  They have to be not cooked peas. 2.  I think guys with shaved … More 25 Randoms


When I used to be Sam…. Jan 21, ’09 7:19 PM for Mel ‘s network I heard from an old friend today…. she just found me on facebook.  Not that she lost me…. we have always kept in contact one way or another in the past 15 years, through e mail or whatnot. Anywhooo… I opened up … More Sam

Pukey McPooperton

Pukey McPooperton Jan 20, ’09 9:10 PM for everyone   I’m changing his name. I came home today, after being gone from 10-2,  to am empty cat bowl.  How did THAT happen, you ask?  Did the cats eat it?  Ummmmm…. NO.  A coniving, weasel-like, little menace ate the entire bowl.  Oh and ALSO?  He squeezed … More Pukey McPooperton


Hi Internets!! On Friday night we had two couples over for dinner, my friends Anna and Augusta and their families.  I made chili because both of them didn’t really know exactly when they’d be here, so I wanted something that would be ready whenever!  I also made cornbread muffins and little yummy tortilla roll-ups.  My … More Reunited


Jan 12, ’09 5:00 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Hi! Sorry for the absence Internets.  Here is what has been going on with me. First off, it is snowin like a mo-fo here.  Jeeshta Old Man Winter… go easy on me.  Here is a picture of my back yard, about three hours ago and a … More Thoughts

14 years ago

  14 years ago, when they laid your tiny body on my chest, I prayed for you to live. Just breathe. Make it one more day. You were just hours old when I lost your brother, The sadness, overwhelming. The fear of losing you, greater. I realized, how great a space in a heart a child … More 14 years ago