My Birfday!

It is ALMOST my birfday! Feb 18, ’09 6:46 PM for Mel ‘s network I LUFF my birfday!  Unless we just met, or you have been residing under a rock, or hate me and are planning your OWN party on my birthday, then you already KNOW that it’s almost my birfday and you already know I LUFF … More My Birfday!



Updates… Feb 13, ’09 2:15 PM for Mel ‘s network Hi! Long time no blog… sowwwrrrry!     I had such a fun time at Michelle’s house.  She forgot to mention that I gave her a running hug and jumped into her arms when I first saw her!!  I warned her that I was gonna, … More Updates…

One Word

  One Word Feb 2, ’09 5:10 PM for Mel ‘s network 1. Where is your cell phone? lap   2. My favorite place to eat? meskin! (mexican) 3. Your hair? bangin!   4. Your mother? sewing   5. Your father? workingonsumthin   6. Your favorite? starbucks!!!    7. Your dream last night? nope!   8. … More One Word