14 years ago


14 years ago,

when they laid your tiny body on my chest,

I prayed for you to live.

Just breathe.

Make it one more day.

You were just hours old when I lost your brother,

The sadness,


The fear of losing you,


I realized,

how great a space in a heart

a child can occupy.

I prayed for you to be ok,

Just grow.

Come home from the hospital with me.

I made a thousand deals with God,

in your first days.

Whispering promises,

through tears.

I was never quite sure if it was enough,

to ensure you were a gift I got to keep.

You fought,

you were strong.

You grew.

I prayed that you would be happy,

Just dream.

Be smart and kind.

You are so much more.

You are the greatest gift,

I have ever been given.

I didn’t know then,

how it would all turn out.



I didn’t know how much,


you would make me laugh.

How much I would enjoy,

just spending time with you.

Just talking

and laughing.

Getting to know you.

The emotions you make me feel,

from frustration

to amazement,

I would not trade for the world.

The person you are becoming

is more than I ever dared to dream of,

when they laid your tiny body on my chest

14 years ago.



Happy Birthday Cody Jakob!




Mommy misses you Richard…. Happy Birthday to you too.







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