Jan 12, ’09 5:00 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts


Sorry for the absence Internets.  Here is what has been going on with me.

First off, it is snowin like a mo-fo here.  Jeeshta Old Man Winter… go easy on me.  Here is a picture of my back yard, about three hours ago and a couple inches more of snow ago.


1)  Moose & I started agility classes last week.  Moose shamed his mother when the class had to demonstrate how well we can do the sit and down commands.  (note: we no can do down.)  Anyway… after that humiliation we rebounded.  He was SOOO good at all the cute little tasks.  Jump over a bar, climb over ladder rungs, and run through a tube.  He is by far the smallest puppy there, so sometimes the tasks are harder for him, but he acts like he is just the same size as everyone else!

2)  I had lunch with Stacey on Friday…. people, she looks FANTASTIC!!  Pictures don’t do her justice!  Her hair is SO adorable!  I didn’t want her to wear her hat!  (she ignored me thanksweetbabyjesus because it was -100 out that day)  Her hair looks like an adorable short hair cut I would get iffen I were brave and not at all like a cancer patient!  We even saw a lady at Panera that had shorter hair and Stacey’s was WAY more cute!! 

3)  Might wanna sit down for this one people:  I signed up for two exercise programs.   I am doing a Monday night lap swim.  And a Thursday morning Arthritis Exercise Program.  I am excited for the swim, I luff to swim.  The AEP notsomuch.  WHY you ask yourself?  (or maybe not, but I am telling you anyway)  Because it was in the 55 and older section of the rec center catalog… I had to CALL and ask iffen it was alright if I joined the class, trying to POLITELY say that not EVERYONE with arthritis is 55 and older.  So, they let me in the class, and now I can’t stop picturing G-ma Gertrude and G-pa Herbert wearing their wind-suits and orthopedic shoes and having to slow down the pace so that no one has a stroke and what if I have to revive someone (thanks Michelle for that awesome mental picture) and will they be clicking their dentures and farting and why did I sign up for this?!?!?!?!?!?!  Yah.  Wish me luck.  At least I am fairly certain I won’t sweat in EITHER class.  I no likey to sweat.

4)  So, this week I learned some pleasant things about RA.  ((read:  not pleasant.))  I have been getting my dr appts all out of the way at one time, last week and this week, errrr…. remind me NEVER to do this again. 

Eye Dr. – I am on the bullet train to cataract-town.  Good news?  Usually they will correct your vision when they fix your cataracts.  Nwoot!!  (not woot!) 

Dentist –  Medication/RA making gums swollen and tender.  Not much can be done.  NWOOT!

Dr –  Bullet train to diabetes-town.  Ummmm… can you say, WORST. NIGHTMARE. EVER. ?????  Me + Needles =  NWOOOOOT!

5)  Ummmm…. what else?  I thought my life was more exciting than this.  Hmmmm.

6)  This weekend my three sisters and I are all getting together.  Pray for us.  haha

7)  Murphy the chihuahua is going insane…. either that, or he REALLY thought the Christmas decorations were up for too long because he started chowing down on my mini Christmas tree and on the garland on the stair rail.  Like, going to town! 


Me – GD it Murphy!!! KNOCK. IT. OFF!!!!!

Murphy – (quizzical stare and head tilt)  CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP!

wtf chihuahua?  That could NOT have tasted good.  Anyhoodles, stay posted to what he chows down on next.  He has dogzheimers.


8)  Carsten is LOVING Hockey.  She wanted to quit before it even started, but we told her she had to play at least one year, since she signed up.  Well, now that she is actually upright more than on her bumpkin, she LUFFS it!  We were changing in the locker room and she told me that she, “wants to stay in Hockey forever and forever until she gets better and better and BETTER!!”  awwww.  Hers is adorable.



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