Brandi Dec 23, ’08 9:47 PM
for Mel ‘s friends & their friends and Mel ‘s family & their family

I got a call from Brandi this morning… she was crying very. very. hard.  That’s right… our little card, from 15 people, containing over $400 was finally opened by Ms. Brandi just this morning, standing smack in the middle of the post office.  So, with people staring at her whilst she blubbered, she called me.

She couldn’t really talk at all at first, she just kept saying, “Oh Melisa…. ya’ll shouldn’t have…..ooohhhh Melisa….Ohhhhh,” and then crying some more.

I just realized this will be a short blog because, she really was speechless.  Every time she tried to talk about our gift she would start crying and then I would start crying, which made HER cry harder which made ME cry harder….  

I have been trying all day to think of a way to truly convey what it was like to hear her say the things she DID say, but I just don’t have the words. 

Let me try:

Imagine the cutest little southern voice you have ever heard in your life, making you feel like you just gave her the greatest gift that she had ever received, and all you can think is, I didn’t do anything NEAR what you really deserve, because that is how much we all care about you…. 

See?  It just doesn’t work.

Brandi wanted to make sure that I told everyone that her computer at home has finally died.  She has no connection to the internet until she can get it fixed… she e mails me from school, but she can’t blog from there.  

Mike is doing fine… his knee is a little, how did she put it?  Jiggered to the side?  Something like that, and they are supposed to be setting up more appointments for him for after the first of the year, to figure out why that is happening.  Brandi is supposed to have the MRI for her back after the 1st of the year too… for now she said she is fine, the pain is mananagable.

At the end of our conversation, she cried one more time just for good measure, and so did I, and she told me to make SURE that I tell the internets that she loves ya’ll and to not thank ya’ll just forher…. but for her children. 

So, the following Internets… Brandi loves ya’ll and thank you for what you did for her AND for her children.


Anne Y.

Mandi O.

Michelle (wouldn’tyaliketoknow)

Jen (mismagoo)

Jenny R.


Katie Y.

Susan (schmoozyq)



Michelle (mlk)




Cheryl (shorte)


Merry Christmas everyone!


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