25 Randoms


25 random things about me. Jan 26, ’09 4:20 PM
for Mel ‘s friends & their friends

1.  I used to hate peas… until recently.  Now I can’t stop eating them… I have had them 5 days out of the last 7.  They have to be not cooked peas.

2.  I think guys with shaved heads are super hot.

3.  I clench my teeth when I am in pain. 

4.  I secretly think scallops look delicious, even tho I don’t eat sea creatures.

5.  I hate fruit.

6.  I was tempted to buy a chameleon this weekend.  What?  He. was. cute.  He really was.  I think I am gonna go visit him again tomorrow.

7.  I sent in an application (with hard essay questions!) for a volunteer position at the zoo.

8.  I am convinced I will not get the job.

9.  I am afraid I will be a little old lady cat hoarder.

10.  I have recently became super close with a friend I had not talked to in 15 years.  Her name is Gus and she lives two miles from me.

11.  I keep wishing I had one more child.  I am wondering if I will always feel like that, even if I had 10 kids.

12.  I hate Michelle Obama’s hair and clothes.

13.  I am obsessed with buying socks and tights.  I have about 15 un-opened pairs in my closet.

14.  I check expiration dates with OCD intensity…  sometimes re-checking it 5-10 times before I eat it.  Even if I checked the french dressing yesterday, if I use it today I will check it again today.

15.  I eat ketchup on almost everything. 

16.  I line up everything.  Shoes, spices, toys, books, ANYTHING.

17.  My hands and feet are always cold.

18.  Working at zoo would be my dream job.

19.  I hate the game Candyland.

20.  My sheets and blankets have to be pulled up tights with no wrinkles before I can fall asleep.

21.  If I sleep with socks that are not tight, I get angry and eventually have to get up and get tight socks.

22.  I have issues with exercise… either I don’t do it at all, or I over-do it.  There isn’t much middle ground.

23.  I love to vaccum.

24.  I always fall asleep facing the outside of the bed.

25.  I have about 75 more of these, but probably won’t ever tell you about them because I think I am the strangest person ever.


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