Pukey McPooperton

Pukey McPooperton Jan 20, ’09 9:10 PM
for everyone


I’m changing his name.

I came home today, after being gone from 10-2,  to am empty cat bowl.  How did THAT happen, you ask?  Did the cats eat it?  Ummmmm…. NO. 

A coniving, weasel-like, little menace ate the entire bowl.  Oh and ALSO?  He squeezed his tiny arse thru the expensive baby gate I bought and installed to PREVENT him from eating the cat food.

How do I KNOW he ate all the food?  Ummm…. because there was roughly his body weight of puke and poop scattered about my house.  It was a true Alfred Hitchcock moment….. I swear I heard the creepy music as my head whipped from side to side taking in the devastation.


I actually URPED. IN. MY. MOUTH. whilst the spotbot and I cleaned it up.

The worst part was when he was sitting there looking all adorable with his cute little head tilt……. gacked on the floor……… and then tried to kiss me.  Good times.

Even better was holding him at arm’s length trying to give him a spray hose bitch bath in the kitchen sink to get the gack out of the fluffy fur, and mouth-urping because of the smell.

From what I can tell, catfood does NOT taste as good the second time around.


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