Top 10 Hated Facebook Posts

1. Little Alex made the honor AGAIN! That’s fifteen times in a row! We are SO BLESSED!!!!

2. Whew! It’s 5am and I just finished my work out at the YMCA! I’m ready for the day!!!! What have YOU done today??

3. Date night with the love of my life! Love you baby!

4. I found out you stabbed me in the back. Sleep with one eye open, bitch! You know who you are!!

5. We will see who is a brave person! Repost this if you believe in the Lord our Father and his son Jesus!

6. Look at this picture of this poor lost kitten with no hair, he meows with a lisp! 😦 To help this Kitten and many others, click “like” on this post and Petsmart will donate $10 to Lost Kittens of Botswana! Pass it on!

7. all i ask for is enuff butter 2 butter a piece of toast bcuz i was all excited 2 get home from work n have some frosted flakes n toast only 2 get home and relize u have no butter which I new last nite n now I can’t have toast unless I go 2 the store n by mor butter n who wants to do that just 4 sum toast. lol.

8. Don’t you want to know which old boyfriend is looking at your pictures? Who is stalking your wall? Find out now! Click here to see who is looking at your profile!!! It really works!!

9. Our 10 month old baby just cartwheeled across the room, did some long division on the etch a sketch and then in a complete sentence asked for a blueberry muffin, a peanut butter and banana sandwich on rye bread and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice with a straw, all IN SPANISH. He is such an amazing baby!

10. Facebook changed its privacy settings and you are being hacked as you read this! Go into Settings, Privacy Settings, Control Your Default Privacy, then twirl around on your right leg 3 times, jump over a straw broom, stroke a fluffy white cat and then uncheck the “share all information with Hackers” box.


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