Happy Valentine’s Day to the loves of my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the current loves of my life…

Dear Pinterest,

I love you.  Just this week you have helped me to: make dinner multiple times, make a homemade exfoliating mask for my face, make a hot oil treatment for my hair and look amazing in a sweater and a pair of boots you helped me find.  I am not sure how I survived without you.  I have even cheated on Google with you.  BECAUSE YOU KNOW MORE THAN THE GOOGLE KNOWS!  I am obsessed.



Dear Mel’s Birthday,
Why do you only come once a year?  I miss you when you are away.  Nothing else makes me feel so free to order whatever the fuck I want at restaurants and to always have dessert.  Why?  BECAUSE IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!  And ohfortheloveofpresents!!  I love presents.  A lot.  Now, if you would just stop making me older.

Dear Randall,

Where have you been all my life?  I could spend hours listening to you talk about animals!  You make me laugh until I nearly wee my shorts!  I left you a love letter on Facebook, did you get it???  You make Mama feel a little cray cray.

Call me,



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