What I am watching

This week’s show is called: Naked and Afraid


(That was a dramatic sound effect)

Contestants are dropped off in the middle of nowhere, naked obviously, and they have to survive for 21 days.

They are given a rudimentary map, showing them a few water sources and the pick up point where they are to be in 21 days. They each get to bring one personal item, for example, in Episode 2 the man brought a knife and the woman brought a small pot.

It’s very awkward, watching them meet their expedition partner and they’re both naked. In this last episode the woman went in for a hug! A HUG! NAKED! The FIRST time she met him! GAH! The thought of their cold saggy body parts touching made me want to urp!

Inevitably, there is arguing. The contestants, on average, lose around 30 pounds during their expedition. Food is almost impossible to find, because it’s a full time job just tending the fire and finding water. They are so depleted by hunger that they lay around a lot. Naked. After about the 2nd day they seem to forget they are naked and just get on with business. However, I can never seem to forget they are naked. The entire time my brain is screaming, WEAVE A BIKINI! or for the love of God, FIND A LARGE LEAF!

Sidebar: I feel like I’d NEVER forget I was naked, and the dirtier and the more hairy I got, the more I’d notice that I was naked. And dirty. And also naked.

They eat next to nothing. There’s only been two episodes so far and I’ve seen both pairs of adventurers eat less in two weeks than I eat in one day. What they DO eat is disgusting. Ants. Grubs. Snake. Turtle.

This show is riveting to me. I’m fascinated that these people are willing to do this…. for nothing. There’s no cash prize at the end of this journey. There’s nothing except an anti climatic helicopter ride out of their personal hell. There isn’t even a host saying, “Congratulations! You’re not dead!” It’s like Survivor Concentration Camp. Or a really, REALLY stupid diet plan.

I can’t stop watching it though, so BRAVO Discovery Channel! I’m only marginally less embarrassed to admit I’m watching this show than say….. Devious Maids. But, I’ll leave that show for another day.

What about you? Would you be willing to be naked and afraid JUST for the experience?


10 thoughts on “What I am watching

  1. Mel,

    I totally agree. I’m so interested in the show that I’ve actually thought about watching it live *gasp* rather than dvr’ing it. 😉

    And I too was shocked that the woman went in for a hug. I actually liked the way the first 2 met. “Lets get this out of the way and check each other out”

    Btw, the big bad army dude gets an asterisk for “surviving” since he got medical treatment for his foot boo boo. And how was his survival score higher than hers at the end? She caught the fish and didn’t need a bandaid.

    Have a great day!


  2. Hell, I wouldn’t do it for a million dollar prize, let alone NOTHING. Nothing? They don’t get anything for it? I read about this a while back, and even then thought it was kind of amazing. But I didn’t realize they weren’t competing for a prize, they were just doing it to say they did. And naked. Really? I’m shivering just thinking about it. That totally grosses me out. And not cause of the nakedness, it’s the sanitary aspect that creeps me out. bleck.


    1. On the 2nd episode the two adventurers had a Come to Jesus meeting wherein they asked the crew to leave and they used their hand held cameras to record it.
      Basically they were to the point that they depleted nutritionally and starting to get super cranky with one another.
      So, the woman starts mentioning something about how it probably has something to do with her menstrual cycle as well, the irritability. I was like, WAITJUSTADAMINUTE!!!! They didn’t give you something so you didn’t have your period out there?!?!? That just CANNOT be possible. Can it?

      Literally, I could go on and on for hours about the personal hygiene stuff!!!


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