Ten Thought Monday

1. I am an awesome boat driver. Even better than a car driver. I’m totally addicted to it. I want to go boating EVERY.single.DAY.

2. I love leeks. And squash. And brussel sprouts. And all sorts of random food I had no idea I liked.

3. I think this means my taste buds are OLD and don’t give a shit anymore.

4. My best friend is on vacation for a week and out of range for phone calls or texts. This might kill me.

5. Sometimes at night my body can’t regulate its temperature and I fluctuate between freezing and sweating. My doctor doesn’t have an explanation…. just another mystery of my broken immune system.

6. I saw the movie The Heat this weekend…. totally hilarious. Lots of swear words. I wish I’d wrote some of them down.

7. My Mom had a pet turtle and I was teasing her about imprisoning it. It died. Now I feel like an asshole.

8. Cody leave for college in 54 days.

9. My nervous breakdown will start in 53 days.

10. Yesterday I saw a little old lady who’s dog was going pyscho at my car, just because I drove by. She probably thought I was an idiot because I gleefully and enthusiastically waved at her. I wasn’t trying to make her feel better about her dog, I was just so happy some one else had a dog as dumb as mine!


3 thoughts on “Ten Thought Monday

  1. 1) Jealous.
    3) Taste buds change every 7 years
    4) BACKUP BESTIE righcheerrr
    9) Ready for nervous breakdown to begin. Stockpiling xanax and boxes of wine to help (help either you or me. One of us)


  2. 1. I clearly need a boat membership next year. I hate you a little for being on that boat so often.
    2. Me too!
    9. I’m practically breaking down about Avery leaving. And I’ve still got some time.


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