Mumbling about Moose….


I am mumbling about Moose…. Mar 5, ’09 1:30 PM
for Mel ‘s network

(picture made by Rikki’s daughter Ny)

1)  What motivates a puppy to rip open and scatter an ENTIRE bag of kitty litter?  Kitty food I could understand… but kitty litter?  Notsomuch.  Do you think he thought he could find kitty turd biscuits in there?

2)  The contents of a large bag of cat litter looks MUCH larger outside of the bag and spread throughout a room than they do inside the bag.

3)  I am ashamed to admit this, but here it goes….      Moose still eats poop. Sometimes I swear he hides the turds because I will see NO poop ANYWHERE and then all of a sudden he is chowing down on a turd.  Sometimes?  I will catch him trying to sneak inside the house with a frozen turd he found in the yard.  GAH!

4)  To prevent Moose from pooping in the house  and eating his turds I bought him a diaper.  Yes, they sell dog diapers.  I even bought a GIRL dog diaper, because the boy dog diaper didn’t cover the poophole.

5)  Moose knows how to remove his diaper.  He is highly motivated to eat turds.

6)  Have I mentioned Moose still loves to give french kisses?  Combine that with his turd obsession and it makes me want to Purel my mouth.

7)  The stair railing is also particularily yummy to Moose, despite the fact that he has 9,084 chew toys to choose from.

8)  Moose doesn’t let Bitter Apple Spray (for preventing chewing) stop him!  Those stairs are YUM!! 

9)  Oh!  Good news!  Moose learned how to shake the other day!  WOOT!  (good thing he can’t pick up turds, or he would be carrying them around and then I would NOT want to shake his hand and I would not have this good news for you!)

10)  We play fetch about 23 out of the 24 hours.  Ok, not that much… I do sleep, but holy frickerelli does that dog luff to play fetch!  Usually we quit because my arm is about to fall off, not because he is tired.

11)  Did I mention how cute he is?  He is 4 1/2lbs now… an adorable fluffy ball of happiness.  Which is how I can forgive him for the aforementioned turd eating.

12)  Now I have another reason to dislike the first lady… (sorry Obama family lovers)  but she just dissed my dog’s name!!!,,20261257,00.html

Scroll down to The Name Game part. 

I guess I should be thankful she dislikes the name Moose… because if they ended up naming their dog Moose then everyone would think that I named MY dog after the Obama’s dog and that my friends?  That would be my worst nightmare.


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