Hello there


Hello there Mar 11, ’09 4:40 PM
for Mel ‘s network

Helllloooo out there?

~  It is baby gate land here… they are everywhere.  Must. stop. Moose. from. pooping.  So far, so good.  Pray to SBJ (sweet baby jesus) that I don’t break my neck on a baby gate before he stops puttin down the crapola on me carpet.

~  I made creme brulee this week!  All by my big self!  And it was soOoOOoOOOooOO good!  SBJ!  I could eat that every night!  Now that I know how to make it I could!  I could survive on creme brulee and margaritas alone!

~  I signed Cody up for Space Camp again… I am so excited for him, each year they get into more and more advanced stuff.  He is in Future Astronaut Training Program – Level 2… this year he gets to scuba dive and learn about neutral buoyancy… and go through advanced training in the simulators. 

~  Guess what?  I signed Carsten up for Space camp too!  (She will just go from 9-12am for a week, where Cody stays at the dorms for the entire 6 day camp.)  She seems pretty excited about it…. I think mostly because she is doing something Cody has done and she will be there when he is there…  I don’t think she is very clear on what she is going to be doing.  But, that is how she rolls!  She has fun no matter what!

~  So, hey!  Pickle and Abby!  I will be in KS for a week!  What are we going to do???

~  So, what does everyone think about Nadia Suleman, the octuplets mom?  I really disliked her, but damn Dr. Phil… he has made me have a soft spot for her!  GAH!  I almost hate myself!

~  I am supposed to hear this week, about my job at the zoo…. they are supposed to mail me a letter, so I have been stalking my mailbox, and by default, my mail lady… I am fairly certain she thinks I am nuts.  Cross my fingers the letter gets here before she takes out a restraining order on me.


One thought on “Hello there

  1. Stacey’s comment: What is it with little dogs and pooping on the floor. We still have issues if Hoshi isn’t confined when we leave.

    Space camp sure does sound fun. I can’t wait for the boys to experience things like that!


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