Dear Cat (again)

magnifyDear Mia the Cat,

I want to apologize for my last letter.  Had I known that you could read my blog I would not have been so candid with my feelings.

I am going to assume that your gift of a very much alive and quite excited blue bird in the living room the other day was a form of not so subtle retaliation?

Retaliation noted.

I am pretty sure I heard some maniacal cat laughter as I frantically attempted to scoop up the terrified blue bird.  While it did not seem funny at all in the moment, in retrospect I can see why my choice of mismatched tupperware (big bowl- tiiinnny lid) might be funny, so maybe I deserved said laughter.

I am also going to assume that the reappearance of your pooter in my face last night was your way of saying this battle is far from over.

I would like to offer you a truce….. a pooter pillow of your very own at the end of the bed, far from my face.  I will be picking up your pooter pillow at Wal-Mart today, where I am about to drag my still sick and puffy self.  You see, your other enemies (the dogs) need food.  And since they are the only ones in this household (besides Cody) who are not hacking up a lung or puking up the medicine/water/toast I just forced my exhausted self to make/give them, I figure they deserve to eat.  Today.  Especially since yesterday they only got to eat the few pieces of kibble I could scrounge out of the bottom of the dog food bin.

And for heavens sakes Cat, please, PLEASE, do not give the dogs any retaliation ideas while I am gone.  I promise to be back ASAP, with pooter pillow and dog chow in tow.

Over and out.



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