Dear Cat


Dear Mia the Cat,

I love you.  I really do.

I don’t mind sharing my pillow with you sometimes.  I don’t mind too much when you stand on my chest at 4am and annouce that you are hungry.  I doesn’t bother me when you trip me when I am walking to your food bowl.  I get a tad bit annoyed when you hack up a hair/grass ball and leave in on my carpet, but I don’t say anything.  And I think I am coping really well with your addiction to moist food. 

I accept you for who you are, flaws and all.

But last night you crossed the line.

I woke up with your pooter in my face. 

If I would have exhaled deeply you were in danger of having your bowels inflated.

And if I would have inhaled deeply……GAH!  ACK!  Nevermind! 

I’ll admit, it was really cold last night, and using my warm breathe to warm your pooter was very ingenious.  BUT.  It will not. happen. EVER. again.

Do you hear me?


My pillow is a pooter free zone.

Over and out.

Love, Mom


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