Picture Blog – Kristi

So, Kristi arrived yesterday a little bit after noon. She came bearing a gift for me! Ok, it was a gift for HER too.

CL and Kristi’s daughter B got to play for a little over an hour, and then my sister-in-law came to pick up CL, CJ, and my niece J to take them out for the evening. After they left Kristi and I enjoyed a little girl talk (man! the house was WAY more quiet with just ONE kid instead of FOUR!) Then, we headed into town to check into the water park hotel.

The Pickle family showed up about an hour later, and the whole gang headed out for dinner.



After dinner we went back to the hotel to “freshen up” for girls night out and Pick took L home to change. While we awaited the Pickle family’s return, B made me several imaginary meals, served up on the hotel luggage rack. Nothing like chicken fried chicken and a donut for dinner! Then, the Pickles returned and they shared some stories and pictures from their Colorado vacation and OMG people, you NEEEEEED to watch Pick’s blog for the eel story!

At this point the ladies were all enjoying a margarita on the rocks to get into the swing of things. L has been known to gesture wildly whilst talking, but she outdid herself during a Denver Zoo story and knocked her margarita on the floor, almost filling my shoes. Now, I LOVE margaritas A. WHOLE. LOT. but I don’t want my shoes filled with them. I am telling you this story, because of what happened next. L is a responsible lady, so she got a fresh white hotel towel to blot up the spilled margarita and O.M.G. When she lifted that towel up off of the floor, all three of nearly urped. The white towel was BLACK. And I shall NEVER be able to go barefoot in a hotel again, for the REST. OF. MY. LIFE. Eeeew. Just eeeeewwww.

Anyway, Pick headed to the water park with his son C and Kristi’s daughter B. So, what were the three of us girls to do ALONE in the hotel room? When TWO of those THREE girls are crazy obsessive bloggers? Photo session of course!

First Kristi sporting Mel’s cool belt!

Then each of us with Mrs. Pickle….


Then the three of us together! Yay for camera timers!

Then Kristi and I!!


Then we were off to the club! I did NOT take my camera to the club….. because, well, I KNOW what I am like when I am snookered, and it is best I am NOT carrying valuables. But, don’t worry Internets! Kristi took LOTS of pictures with her camera!! We just have to wait patiently for her to upload and send them to me, or blog them herself, OR BOTH!! (Hurry up Kristi. HURRY! HURRY! HURRY!)

But, trust me, we had a goooooooooooooooood time. We didn’t get back to the hotel and to sleep until around 2am.

The next morning we were up at o’early o’clock. My Dad brought CL into town, so that she and B could swim together at the pool.



Much to Kristi’s horror, I even set the camera on the lifeguard stand to take a picture of us. (Woot for that timer again!!)

Time went by WAY too fast, and soon it was time to check out. We met the Pickle family for lunch, and then Kristi and I head back to my parent’s house.

We took a few more pictures (of course!!!) before Kristi and B had to leave for the three and a half hour drive home.



The ONLY reason I didn’t cry my eyes out when they left is because I get to see them again next weekend!! Woo-hoo! CL and I will be spending Saturday through Monday in the Kansas City area! Saturday I meet Holly from my friends list, YAY! Sunday Kristi, Holly, and I go to a Royals/Chicago White Sox game, and Monday we are celebrating B’s birthday at Libby Lu! Woot!


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