What happens in Mexico….

What happens in Mexico…. Nov 20, ’09 4:17 PM
for Mel ‘s network

Sooo, Carsten (who is 8) has a friend named Presley who is also our neighbor.  Poor Presley spends endless hours listening to Carsten blather on about unicorns, popcorn, what color matches bright pink, fuzzy boots, etc…  Here is a conversation I overheard between them last week.

Presley – My Dad is coming home tonight!

Carsten – Where was he?

Presley – He was in Rochester (mn) but sometimes he goes to Florida!

Carsten – FLORIDA?!?!  That is where DISNEY WORLD is!!!!!  Have you ever been to DISNEY WORLD????  I want to go to DISNEY WORLD!!!!  They have Cinderella’s castle there!  Do you think they let you go INSIDE of Cinderella’s castle???  I want to go to Disney World SOOOO bad!!  *sigh

Presley – Ummmm….  I’ve never been to Disney World……. but we are going to Mexico!

Carsten – MEXICO?!?!?  Wow!  That sounds like fun!


Carsten – I just hope they don’t have slavery there anymore.


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