Oh Lawsy….

Oh Lawsy…. Nov 23, ’09 8:50 PM
for Mel ‘s network
Guess what week it was at Carsten’s school?!?  Chemical Health Week.  I should have known I was in trouble when she even wanted to wear red underwear on the say “No to DRUGS, wear red!” day.

But after a week of brainwashing talks about drugs, there was no stopping her.  If you were anywhere within a mile radius of Carsten this past weekend, you got a chemical health beat down.

Having a drink with dinner on Friday turned into a loooooong discussion about whether I was “doing drugs”.

Me – Having a drink with dinner is not abusing drugs.

Carsten – Yes it IS.

Me – Drinking in moderation is ok.

Carsten – You don’t know because drugs just made your brain go sloooooooooow.

Me – WHAT?!?!  I have not drank that much!  It’s ONE drink!

Carsten – mmmmmhmmmmmm  *continues eating whist glaring at me every time I take a drink and occasionally smoothing down and caressing her Say NO To DRUGS!! sticker.

Me – GAAAAH!!!

Then, when she took her “Say NO to DRUGS!!” sticker off before bed, looked at me with a totally serious expression on her face.

Carsten – JUST because I am taking this sticker off DOES NOT mean I am going to do drugs!

Me – Oh sweet lord.


She also was busy making posters like this:

picture of the earth.  words say: ps. look on bake
(bake = back)

Then this is the back of the paper:

Words say:  Smoking is very very very very bad for the Eearh that gose to evryone.  never start drugs.

I know I should be proud she is taking this all so seriously…. but it gets a little embarrassing when your child walks up to neighbors AND strangers and asks them if they realize that smoking is turning their lungs black and that they are polluting her earth.


I’ve dealt with it by laughing nervously and patting her head while simultaneously pushing her away, shooting her a secret stink eye and saying, ISN’T SHE JUST PRECIOUS!!!!!

All of this has me wondering……

A few weeks ago Carsten had a homework project where we had to make a homemade instrument.  I was congratulating myself for creativity and was completely thrilled when she brought home the award for “Most Unique Instrument” but now?  Now I am wondering if I should have listened to voices in my head that said the instrument MIGHT be a bad idea.

Because maybe just maaaaaaybe they took one look at Carsten’s instrument and made aLARGE note in BOLD lettering that said, HIT CARSTEN HARD WITH THE DRUG TALKS DURING CHEMICAL HEALTH WEEK!!!!

Yah.  In retrospect, the (beer and wine cooler) bottle cap noise shaker was a reallllllllllly BAD idea.


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