I am alive….

I’m alive…. I swear it. Jan 5, ’10 8:20 PM
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Hello Internets.I don’t think I have blogged since November.  Oy vey.

I have been in kinda a dark place for a little bit…. but I am coming out on the other side.  Slowly.  I think.

Right around the time I stopped blogging I had a dr appt.  The appt was to discuss the fact that the meds were not working…. AGAIN.  During that appt the doctor dropped a bomb on me and told me that they felt like I didn’t just have RA, but that I had Lupus too.   Having an autoimmune disorder greatly increases your odds of getting another autoimmune disorder…. so I can’t say that I was totally surprised.  Sad tho.  Really sad…..  So, thus began dark time.

I had a few options for meds to take, to help with Lupus.  One had a side effect of depersonalization.  Basically an out of body experience, except worse.  Like on some bad crack worse.  So, I said no to that drug.  No to the next one too, because it’s side effects weren’t much better.  That left a drug that I took years ago for RA, but had stopped taking because they thought it was hurting my eyes.

So, on Christmas Eve I went to the VA for an Opthamologist appt.  They looked at my eyes and decided that they were okay for me to take the medicine again.  It arrived in the mail today.

I wasn’t sleeping well either, so they prescribed Morphine to sleep.  That has helped SO MUCH.  I am finally sleeping without pain.  Helllloooooo Mr. Sunshine!!

The other totally crappy thing that happened was that I accidentally ran over Moose E with my car.  I am lucky I didn’t kill him.  Two surgeries, two pins and tons of recovery time and he is feeling much better.

Moose E still has a long way to go…. but then, so do I.  🙂

I am going to start blogging again…. or trying.  I miss you guys.  I need you guys.

Okay!  On to some HAPPY stuff!

Have you SEEN some of these new reality shows????? O! M! G!

Conveyor Belt of Men!  ~ A dating show with men rolling by on a conveyor belt!
Secrets of Aspen! ~ HOLY BITCHES!  The first show had two women on a dance floor tearin a guy apart like a ragdoll!!  And it has a flamboyantly and completely bitchy gay guy!
One Big Happy Family!  ~  A fat family trying to lose weight and fighting A LOT!
Teen Mom  ~ The moms from Mtv’s 16 and Pregnant!
The (new) Real World ~  In Washington!  And the previews make it look like EVERYONE sleeps with EVERYONE this time!
JERSEY SHORE ~ OMFG!  I have NO words for this show!  I can’t even SPEAK when it is on.  I sit there with my jaw on the floor!  The hair! The tans!  The fist pumping!  I am going to CRY when it is over!
Celebrity Rehab ~ It’s baaaaack and oh lawsy!  SHIT IS HITTIN the fan!
and my personal favorite….
Frank the Entertainer A Basement Affair ~ Frank, from I Love New York and I Love Money 1 AND 2, Frank is looking for love from……………………………..   wait for it……………………………………. HIS PARENTS BASEMENT!  And the contestants live upstairs in Frank’s childhood bedroom on bunkbeds and in GRANDMA’S room!  GRANDMA’S room!!!!  Complete with Jesus plaques on the wall!

Wanna take a vote?  Which show do you want me to recap for you????  Talk amongst yourselves….


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